Sit-N-Go With Eugene Todd

Eugene Todd might seem like he is part of Tony Soprano’s crew, but deep down he’s the kind of guy that every Bruce Springsteen song is about. If you paid attention to Todd’s viral blogfessionals on during the World Series of Poker then you know he was dodging donkeys and getting “moosec**ked” all Series. During the madness of the Main Event he was able to give us five minutes while we fired off a lightening round of absurd questions.

BLUFF: What’s your biggest pet peeve at the table?

ET: People who don’t take showers.

BLUFF: What world record are you most qualifi ed to break?

ET: Probably not winning a tournament forever.

BLUFF: Do you think you can do more push-ups than Gavin Smith?

ET: Hmm… coin flip.

BLUFF: Do you have any rituals or superstitions that you perform before big tournaments?

ET: A group hug with the family.

BLUFF: Defi ne moosec**k.

ET: Moosec**k, just like – the big c**k that goes right in your ass.

BLUFF: Finish this sentence: Right now I wish I had…

ET: More chips.

BLUFF: Name one place that you wish you never visited.

ET: Tunica, Mississippi.

BLUFF: What’s one thing you can’t travel without?

ET: Marijuana.

BLUFF: What’s the best present anyone has ever bought you?

ET: A Rolex watch.

BLUFF: In hindsight, what’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever spent a lot of money on?

ET: Hotel rooms.

BLUFF: How many miles have you traveled this year?

ET: 60,000.

BLUFF: How do you relax away fr om poker?

ET: Ganja.

BLUFF: What’s the first car you owned?

ET: A Ford Escort.

BLUFF: What TV show are most embarrassed to admit that you watch?

ET: Woody Woodpecker.

BLUFF: Can you use “Bro” three times in one sentence?

ET: Bro, this Main Event, Bro, is nuts, Bro.

BLUFF: Besides poker what’s your favorite game?

ET: Hockey.

BLUFF: Where is the best meal in Vegas?

ET: Tao.

BLUFF: Wh ere’s the worst meal in Vegas?

ET: Everything at the Rio.

BLUFF: If you could choose one player to beat heads-up for a bracelet, who would it be?

ET: Phil Hellmuth.